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About AK

AyannaK is a world-renowned designer, serial entrepreneur, author, and speaker. She developed an early knack for designing at 10-years-old. She would always create trendy clothing for her dolls from scrap fabric pieces. Now, at only 27-years-old, she is the owner and head designer of AyannaK Designs. Her company specializes in kitchen accessories. Some of her featured products include oven mitts, aprons, chef hats, and skillet handles. Her kitchen accessories have become popular over time as she has traveled around the world selling her products at major events and online. So far, she has created and sold over 5,000 items and this number continues to increase.

AyannaK has a huge heart and loves to help children and young adults grow in the world of fashion. Her Act Kind™ initiative helps inspire and empower others through sewing workshops, prom dress giveaways and makeovers, fashion shows, and photoshoots. In addition, she is launching a new book, Inspired by Reality: Aleena’s Fashion Adventures, which is an inspirational journey about a girl exploring the world of fashion in Paris with her mother. While in Paris, an unexpected turn of events occur as Aleena’s imagination takes her on the real journey.

AyannaK graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in apparel product design from the University of North Carolina.